Who would have thought that it takes months to deal with the paperwork that follows the death of a spouse? I used an attorney which was wonderful. She took care of many things for me and was a real support to me.  She transferred the title of my house into my name. She told me what to do with the banks.

One of the best things she did for me was to notify all of my husband’s creditors to let them know there was no estate for them to be paid from. I still don’t understand that exactly but I ended up not having to pay bills that I thought I might have to deal with.

I’m so grateful to her and to my husband. When I first went to see her after Dave’s death, I came out of the office wishing I could tell Dave how wonderful he was to get everything put in order for me. We’d updated our will and figured out financial arrangements. When he died, the attorney had it all in place for me.

I still had to deal with things which I struggled with but boy having somebody who knew what they were doing was a tremendous boon to me.

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