My New Roof

Finally my roof was replaced! It took months for the roofer to get to my house and replace my roof. There were a number of hail and wind storms last year so there’s been a lot of roof replacements going on. This was my first major home improvement project that I had to handle on my own and boy was it a challenge for me.

I dithered about what to do and what roofer to use. I struggled with deciding if I needed to replace the gutters. I debated on what color to choose.

I found a roofer by using Facebook to solicit recommendations. That worked out pretty well.

One roofer told me that I didn’t need new gutters. The other said that I could sure use them. I decided to replace the gutters because Dave had told me that when I replaced the roof, I would need new gutters. I figured he had no interest in steering me wrong so I went with his advice.

Now the roof is complete and it’s lovely. I really like it but I feel sad because I know that Dave would want to see it. I know that he would have been walking around the house and looking for defects and admiring the new shingles. There’s always this feeling that things are happening that I want to share with him.

I wish he could see it but I know he’d be proud of me for getting the insurance company to cover it, for finding the roofer, selecting the shingles, etc. These were all things he would have handled and I managed it on my own.


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