New Car?

I suspect that this is going to be a recurring theme in this blog. I need to buy a new car and am struggling with this.

Dave told me to look at the Honda CRZ because it looks fun and he figured I’d need some fun. Really hard to argue with that.

Then after I couldn’t get the car up the icy driveway last year and he had to move it for me, he decided that I should look at a new Subaru that came out this year. He said that way I’d have the all-wheel drive and would be able to get around in the snow. He was worrying about me. Hard to argue with that too.

So I thought I’d get one of those two cars. Nick is pushing hard for the CRZ. Suddenly it occurred to me that I can get any car I want and can afford. I wish I hadn’t had that thought because Dave did all the research on cars and would always know exactly which models we wanted to see. I feel like I’m floating about untethered while I look at car review websites.

Next step is to go drive some cars I suppose.


2 thoughts on “New Car?

  1. I have driven a Subaru and they are good little cars–fun and good together maybe a Mini Coper!! I want my kids to all fly the coop so I can get one without feeling guilty that the kids won’t fit!!!

    • I test drove a Mini Cooper a few years ago and loved it. Dave convinced me not to buy it because the only dealer is an hour from my house and I would need to go there for service. I would have bought it on the spot. Hmmm…

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