Bereavement Groups

I wore myself out with bereavement this week.

On Wednesday, I went to a widow’s support group. It’s basically what it sounds like–widows sitting around talking. It’s a good group with a wide range of ages and backgrounds. Our husbands all died from different things and some are newly widowed and some have been widowed for several years. For some reason, going there is helpful though it’s also distressing.

Then Thursday evening I went to a group that’s designed for families. They break everyone up into groups–young kids, teens, and adults. It helps to talk with people who are raising kids after a spouse’s death. In this case, everyone was dealing with a death resulting from cancer so we all had a lot in common. This group was two men and two women.

By Friday night I sunk into a chair and tried not to think about death or cancer or much of anything.

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