Canine Grief

My remaining dog—Nunu—is grieving for Nessie. Nunu was about 8 weeks old when we brought her home and one year old Nessie quickly became the big sister even though Nunu quickly dwarfed Nessie.

I think Nunu, who is now 10 years old, has not been alone in the house for more than 8 hours total in her life before Nessie died. Nunu doesn’t know what to do. She eats because she always eats but I can’t get her to go for a walk or even to go outside for more than a couple minutes.  She follows me around but I’m gone most of the day.  If I drive her to a park, she’ll walk there but I can’t drive her to a park every time she needs some exercise.

We’re giving her lots of attention. Unfortunately, Nunu never was much for playing with toys unless it was taking away Nessie’s toys. So we can’t start a game with her. Why a retriever doesn’t like to play fetch is not clear to me!

Actually, Nick and Dave used to play Nunu in the Middle with her and a soft toy so perhaps Nick and I can try that.

Anything to get her up and about again.

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