OK, this is a sign of something but I’m not sure what.

Right around the time that Dave died, I received a letter from PNC where I do my banking saying that because Dave and I were such good customers, they were assigning us a personal banking assistant.

This guy has been so helpful to me. My banking needs now go something like this. I call or email the assistant and he takes care of it for me. I worked with him on changing the mortgage on my house. He arranged for a safe deposit box for me. He opened a savings account for me.

Most recently I called him and told him I want to buy a car. He had a loan and check to me in 2 days that I can use if I need it. One phone call and that was it.

I guess it makes sense for PNC because it’s a lot easier to give them my business because I just call this guy.

So, is this a sign that I’m lazy? Or relying on convenience? I think it’s just convenience because I still am checking out auto loan rates.

Hmm, now that I think about this, I’m not sure if I ever removed Dave’s name from my checking account. I better call him.

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