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This morning I figured out why the shower door in my son’s bathroom was always difficult to slide open. The one door was off the track so I managed to lift it up and put it back where it belonged. This was not difficult at all but I was pretty pleased with myself for seeing what the problem was and fixing it.

This past weekend, I realized that an earring had been laundered and was stuck down in the dryer’s filter trap. I tried and tried to get it out but could not lift it out. I remembered that Dave had a magnetized screw driver but didn’t know for sure what it looked like and if it was still around. I was feeling very frustrated when all of a sudden I thought of chewing gum. I ended up not using gum but put a big wad of scotch tape on a stick and used that to retrieve the earring. I was pleased with myself over that too.

Earlier, I replaced the screens on my back porch with the glass windows for the colder months. The windows are heavy and bulky but I managed to do it on my own. That too made me happy.

So, hooray for me for fixing some things. Unfortunately, my garage door suddenly is malfunctioning, my outside light has quit working, and my kitchen faucet has developed a leak. I already know I can’t fix those things so it’s time to make some calls.

I dislike having to take care of everything. It’s tiring and I always end up feeling inadequate.



2 thoughts on “Home Repairs

  1. Isn’t it a great feeling to fix something that’s been bugging you? I find it empowering in a unique way, like I’m high-fiveing Rosie the Riveter. The first time I installed a ceiling fan and a programmable thermostat I was mighty proud. You probably could fix the faucet and the light too, if you find instructions online. But a garage door is another matter, requiring a specialist, methinks.

    • I did have to bring in the garage door guy who ended up replaciong the door. It looks nice. I had to deal with the stress of selecting a color but I think it looks fine. Of course, I live in Hudson where garage doors aren’t allowed to face the street so nobody can really see it anyway.

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