No More Baking

I recently attended a support group for widows (I know, you’re thinking now there’s a good time) and one woman said she used to bake a lot but no longer does. Her daughter wants her to bake because the daughter takes it as a sign of her mother’s love but the mother just can’t summon the energy for it.

The surprising thing was that almost everyone there agreed that they no longer bake. One woman said she used to make great pies but hasn’t made one since her husband died. Another said she used to bake weekly but hasn’t baked at all since her husband died. It seemed to be a consistent thing but certainly not one that I’d thought about.

I think baking must be a sign of nurturing or something. It’s how women show their love–making cookies and cakes. So when the object of love is gone, the desire to bake is gone too.

I hadn’t thought about it but I haven’t baked at all in the past year. I haven’t used my bread maker or baked a cake or made cookies. I used to do all of those things once in a while. There’s still brownie mix sitting in my pantry and I have’t thought to make brownies at all.

I guess your husband dies and that’s it. No more baking.


Image: Candy Heart Cake by bunchofpants via Flickr under a Creative Commons license

The Car

I did finally buy a car. I bought a Honda CRZ which is sort of practical in that it’s a hybrid and not so practical in that it only has two seats.  Nick fits in it but Nunu does not.

Trying to figure out what to buy was excrutiating and the cars I was interested in were all popular and nobody had cars for me to see! Very frustrating.

This car is fun to drive, not horribly expensive, and gets good gas mileage.

Honda CRZ

Honda CRZ

More Canine Grief

Nunu and Nessie

Poor Nunu is still grieving. She’s lonely though she’s doing a bit better. She dislikes being alone so is very glad when one of us comes home. Unfortunately, we’re not home all day so she suffers. When I pull into the driveway, I see Nunu peering out the window at me. If I delay at all, she begins to bark. If that doesn’t work, I can hear her cry. I’ve never heard a dog cry before but that’s what she does.

Poor dog. She’s not happy.



Wow, this is exhausting!

So far in the past month I’ve had to take one computer, one laptop and one printer to the computer repair place. The computer had a bad hard drive and the laptop had a bad mother board. The printer appears to work but doesn’t after any time goes by. So, I bought a new laptop which I’ve had less than a week and it’s not working. Then the router went out so have a new one on order.

I’m so tired of being the IT guy. I would have dealt with most of this anyway but it just feels exhausting. I’m really afraid of what’s going to go wrong next!

July 22

We observed the one year anniversary of Dave’s death this month. It wasn’t a day I really wanted to remember. Nick and I met Dave’s sister and her daughter at Roscoe Village near Coschocton, Ohio ( We enjoyed the afternoon by wandering around the town and looking at the historical exhibits. Certainly getting out of the house and doing something was a good way to spend the day and meeting Dave’s sister and our niece helped too.



Roscoe Village-Coshocton Ohio