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Hi! Welcome to yet another blog by a woman going through the grief of losing her husband. I became a widow in July, 2011 and have spent my time trying to come to grips with that. There’s all the emotional things, of course, but there are things I never anticipated like having the circuit breaker go and having to venture into the basement to flip it. Not a big deal, really, but boy it felt horrible.

So, more about me. I’m now 54 years old. I was 53 when my husband died. I have a 17 year old son who is going through his own grieving process and I worry about him. I also have to live with him and we’re finding that to be a new process too.

We live in northern Ohio. I have two dogs moving into old age. My husband loved those dogs and, to be honest, they loved him the best of us all. So they’ve gone through their grieving process too.

We’re a house full of grieving beings but we’re all still eating and sleeping and going to school/work/the backyard.

I thought many months ago that I should blog about this experience. I wrote the first post the day before the memorial service and then promptly forgot about it. It turns out that the initial phase of grieving for me did not turn out to be blogging. It’s now  been long enough that I think there might be some value to me at least in posting some of life’s lessons.

So, feel free to join me and comment on anything. I suspect many of my problems are more universal than I think.

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