Easter Time is Coming

Cadbury Eggs
Thanks to Svadilfari at Flickr

This morning I ran into Acme, our  local grocery store, to pick up some produce to go with my hummus dip.  Nothing too earth-shattering about that.

However, there’s a huge display of Easter candy in the front of the store. As I trot past, I think, “I better pick up some Cadbury eggs before they run out.” And then, “Oh. I wonder if Nick likes Cadbury Eggs as much as Dave did.” Because of course it no longer matters that I might not have them for Dave’s Easter Basket.

One year I didn’t buy the eggs early and then had to run all over town trying to buy Cadbury Eggs. I was left with the inferior caramel version.

All of this runs through my head and I feel such sorrow. It seems that this grief is never going to end. There’s always one more piece of glass being jammed into my heart.

Of course, I go on, buy my produce, and go off to the meeting that I’m now late for. And my day goes on.

I may go back and buy those eggs and give a couple to Nick and save a couple for myself and just eat them in memory of Dave’s Easter baskets.