Still Car Hunting

I’m still hunting for a car. I’ve looked at both the Prius and the new Prius C. I really liked the Prius but it costs more than any other car I’ve considered. I just can’t quite bring myself to spend the extra money. The Prius C is a great deal but it’s really small. Plus, it’s very much in demand right now so nobody has one for very long and there’s not much choice in what you get. If you find one, apparently you buy that one.

Nick says the biggest problem with buying a Prius is that then I’d be a Prius owner.

I checked out Hondas. I drove the Honda Civic, the Civic Hybrid, the Insight, and the CRZ. Both Nick and I liked the CRZ but I’m not sure that a two-seater car is the way to go.

We stopped in at a Subaru dealer to look at the Impreza. Apparently, it, like the Prius C, is popular right now and is hard to find. I don’t want to buy a car that I’ve not seen and have not test driven.

Nick wanted to look at Mazdas so we went and test drove a Mazda 3. It was nice but I think I preferred the Civic. Now I’m dealing with a Mazda salesperson who wants to make a sale. He told me 3 times that he’s new to the car business so I know he’s anxious to sell something. I’m a bit put off by him because he called to tell me that the Subarus that were on order are all already sold so wouldn’t I like a Mazda? I think I’d prefer to hear that from the Subarus sales guy. (The same dealer sells both the Subarus and the Mazdas.)

There are lots of weird emotional issues about buying an American made car so I’m sticking with Japanese cars. My Kia Sedona did not hold up well so I’m not buying another Kia. I guess I could look at a Hyundai but I’m just tired of looking at cars and dealing with car dealers.

 What an ordeal. I really want to get finish this!