Speaking of Beds…

My husband died over 6 months ago and I still sleep exactly on my side of the bed. The other night the two dogs were sleeping on my side of the bed when I came to lie down. I decided ok, I can get in on the other side–talk about major decisions! As soon as they moved, though, back to my side I went.

Dave’s alarm clock is flashing because we lost power some time months ago and I’ve never fixed it. Apparently I want to ignore that whole side of the bedroom.

OK, I confess that I have not put his giant pile of pillows on his side. I felt pretty rebellious in doing that. There are TWO pillows there now–a much more manageable amount than the five or six pillows that he insisted on having.

We spent a lot of time fussing over pillows, it seems to me. I had to have MY pillows–no touching allowed. He had to have this giant stack of pillows. Now nobody cares about my pillows except for me and it’s hard to get too excited about them when nobody’s grabbing my pillow by mistake.

One time I yanked my pillow out from under Dave’s head while he was sleeping. He didn’t appreciate that. Boy, the things you miss.




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