Light Bulbs

I don’t want anyone to think that the reason why I miss Dave is because he changed light bulbs but boy I sure miss Dave because he changed light bulbs. OK, there are other reasons too but every time a bulb goes out I wish he were here. I don’t know how he turned into Mr. Light Bulb Man but somehow, over the years, he did.

It’s bad enough having to change the bulb in a lamp but when I have to climb up on a stool, take down a globe and change the bulb, I’m really unhappy.

I would not be happy, if Dave were here and I was gone, to be missed because I did the laundry but I guess I would understand that small little moment of regret.

2 thoughts on “Light Bulbs

  1. I read some where that you miss the little things when you deal with a death. Maybe what was meant was it’s the minor daily happenings that make one remember. That is probably why grief has so many ups and downs and lasts forever because you never know when something small will make you remember.

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