Widow Photography

If you type widow into Flickr, you end up with search results of lots of spiders. Black Widows. There are also a few creepy photos of “Widow Maker.” I’m not sure what that is.

I found this photo there and really liked it. Isn’t this a beautiful picture? The artist, h.koppdelaney, has a number of lovely photos.

Photograph "The Widow"

The Widow

2 thoughts on “Widow Photography

  1. Once when looking for your site I found a few on “Widow Walks”-those roofs with banisters for pacing wives waiting for their sailor husbands to return. Being a 19th century feature of costal homes and the fact that sailors not returning was rather common, the structure was named “Widow Walks”. They were also called “Widows Watch” and “Captain’s Walk”. Not liking spiders much I ignored the spider sites, though they were many.

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