Three Words

I’ve been picking three words as a theme for the year for several years now. Well, I’ve picked three words each year but sometimes only one or two words really come through for me. One year I chose the word reduce as one of my three words and that’s the year that I got rid of a lot of things in my house by having the estate sale and was the year that I really started to lose weight. This year my three words are:

  • pull-up:  I like pull-up because I’ve set a goal at the gym (Summa Wellness Institute in Hudson) to do one pull up. That is an unbelievably difficult goal for me but I’m working on it. I also like the whole “bootstrap” thing. So, the multiple meanings work well for me.
  • income: I could not think of a multi-meaning word that really got to the point for me on this so I went with the word that means what is important for me. I really need to focus on generating income now that I’m self-employed
  • consolidate: I want to consolidate my possessions and actions so that I’m living a more efficient life and in a less cluttered environment.

If you’re not familiar withe the idea of choosing three words for the year over setting resolutions, read Chris Brogran’s blog about it. He started this in 2006 and has been using it ever since and encouraging the rest of the world to follow suit.

Three Words 2015: Pull-Up, Consolidate, Income

Three Words 2015


With all the paperwork I’ve had to do, it’s finally time to do the taxes. I met with my accountant and began to go through everything. She helped me figure out everything I could use as a deduction. Thank goodness!  Because I need them. I owe a lot in taxes this year.

Medical expenses were a big part of what I can deduct. I knew I had paid several thousand dollars to the hospital last year but could not find that check. I finally called the hospital and asked for a statement. They sent me a listing of payments made for Dave by the insurance company and by us and there was the $6,000 dollar payment I made.

Amazingly, once I saw that, I managed to find the check in my checking account statement. Funny how that works.

I was pretty sure that I had written a check because I remembered writing it. I was sitting at the kitchen table and wrote the check and got it ready to mail. I told Dave I’d paid it.


The moral of the story is to keep better records.